Who am I, anyway?

I’m Debbi Mack, and I’m a New York Times bestselling author. And somehow I became a podcaster.

Now, those are words I never thought I’d ever write. And, to be honest, although I think of myself primarily as a writer, I’ve been exploring the storytelling potential of other media than books.

About the Crime Cafe

I started the Crime Cafe podcast in 2015, with the goal of promoting crime, suspense, and thriller writers of all kinds. I had barely the notion of what I was doing when I started the podcast. I knew that I loved and wrote crime fiction. Along with helping other authors, I wanted to promote the genre and my own writing. By “others”, I had both authors and readers squarely in mind.

Naturally, my first guests were authors I knew either online or from meeting at various events. However, as I write this in the middle of the sixth season with guests booked until a more than a year in advance, I’m astonished looking back on some of what the podcast has become.

Among those who’ve appeared on the show, I’ve been privileged to have bestselling authors such as Joe Lansdale, Robert Crais, Jeff Lindsay, and Jeffery Deaver, among many others. And I’ve learned so much from talking with all my guests. They are a source of great stories and inspiration. Making a connection through their interviews will help you get to know them and their work.

The combined advice and experience of my guests offer a great benefits to both readers and writers. Because of that, I’m in the process of transcribing all the episodes over the course of more than six years. Eventually, I hope to create a series of ebooks, summarizing their thoughts on crime writing and the writing life, in general.

Why I Started this Newsletter

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As part of a paid subscription, you get full access to my book reviews, news, and special promotions. It will include links to where you can buy the books. And, just so you know, some of them are affiliate links.

My goal is to make the podcast self-sustaining. And eventually to create a scripted podcast along the lines of an old radio show. I’ll keep you apprised as to if and when that’ll happen.

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